Enhance Net benefit for  Interactive Entertainment Results

The numbers represent the duration from March to November, which covers both electronic and personal gambling with information found on the British High Street by Approved Betting Operators (LBOs).

The most recent study reveals that:

The commercial retailing rose by 29 per cent of the total gambling production (GGY) with a monthly surge of 7 per cent of active accounts. This was largely motivated by the real case betting, which saw a GGY increase of 53%. While both the number and the number of active players (up by 12%) increased, the key motivating factor behind the growth tends to be the increasing operator margin. The number of active players rose by 7%.

In October, the development of public slots rose by 12% (to 2.2m) from September onwards, but this rise was the same as the increase in the overall October sessions. At 21 minutes, the average session is continuous, with about 8 per cent of all sessions going on for an hour.

Operators authorised in betting have witnessed a monthly rise of certain sizes, which may be affected by the same sports outcomes by raises of 1 percent in bet/spins and 9 percent of GGY (up to £204m).

  • Gambling attitudes have changed with the environment responding to different laws, and in the pursuit of contemporary federal lockdowns in recent times, we will remain vigilant. We have recently written to operators to remind them of the recommendations we initially gave to online operators in May, namely that stronger limits on affordability are required, that reverse withdrawals are prevented and that there is a need for opportunity to provide restrictions. This was strengthened with the re-opening of the land-based premises in June.
  • Covid-19 associated vulnerability is being tracked by the Commission further:
  • Evaluation of the effect on operators of the enhanced guidance
  • Processing and dissemination of the obtained data
  • Starting to support the sector as land-based premises
  • Where research suggests additional risks to customers, more consumer safety steps are taken.

Because of the influence of sport event performance, GGY levels can be unpredictable. Also, in October (vs. September) we would have predicted an increase in the real-event betting figures by 5 Saturdays in October (the day with the highest number of real event Sports betting activity).

The Digital Services Act is a vital measure to tackle illegal online gambling, which poses a real threat to the well-being of all players in Europe. In contrast, unregulated gaming breaches the duty of licensed providers for consumer protection and money laundering.

Illegal suppliers do not pay due rates, nor do not add to a future public gain in the country in which they are located. They also create unfair rivalry with legal players, threaten their regulatory business models and have a significant economic and social influence on EU Member States. Finally, they do not offer any kind of help to problem gamblers in online casino Singapore unlike licensed operators who fund needy players.

On the EAC

The European Casino Association is represented by the licensed European land-based casino with more than 29 members and 70,000 employees with local economies across Europe (ECA). It consists of delegates from all European Union Member states and from non-EU nations.

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